Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Ballad of Nubbins

Preface: I just want to get this recorded somewhere other than the single sheet of paper I had written it on years ago.  I think only two people might appreciate (or even remember?) this, based on a Hero Quest campaign run by Jay Asfeld and my Wizard's "partner in crime" was Tahra's Elf, Elfner.

The Ballad of Nubbins
(A Story of Life, Greed, Mental Acumen, Death, Life, Friendship, and Death)

There once was a Wizard named Nubbins
Who liked to make ancient rubbins.
When his staff he did wield,
The monsters did yield,
For they knew they were in for some clubbins.

Though his army of spells did seem vast,
He always would try to act last.
His partners would groan,
But often alone
Did he end the eight quests that he passed.

Poorly he fought, and he lacked in defense,
What kept him alive? 'Twas common sense!
Some damage he'd deal,
But himself he would heal,
And when trouble arose he'd flee hence.

One item of magic he owned,
But to some other it should have been loaned:
It increased the Mind,
But Nubbins' was lined
With a resistance to spells that was honed.

In one of his flights from sure doom,
As his companion had just left the room,
Nubbins missed a nice cloak,
And though not a joke,
He laughed as he fled from the tomb.

For myriad quests this Nubbins was hired;
And once in a mine with doors oddly wired,
He fought and was killed,
But Elfner's potion he swilled;
Once again Wizard Nubbins respired!

With Elfner he traveled for fun --
The best partner he'd had the whole run.
In thanks to the Elf,
Gave a sword found himself
(Mainly since he couldn't use one).

Elfner and he continued to tread
Into crypt after crypt filled with dread.
They found a new staff --
"It's cursed!" went the laugh,
But soon faced with a pack of undead.

With magic mist veil Nubbins did hide
And through the rock wall Elfner did slide.
Only one more barrage
The heroes must dodge;
Elfner got out -- but Nubbins?  He died.

The Hero named Nubbins (the Wizard)
When cornered would run like a lizard;
He once lost his head,
And came back from the dead,
Then a skeleton cut out his gizzard.

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