Friday, April 17, 2015

Nothing Much, Just the Best Vacation Ever

Last post over 5 months ago.  Seems like I don't have nearly as much to write about as I used to.  Or I'm just a lot more jaded about things I encounter overseas and less seems worthy of writing.

Bangkok is good, but we don't get out as much compared to other overseas posts.  Might be two four-year-old reasons for that; most of our "outings" are to Funarium or other places to appease the bros.

But D-What and I are traveling a fair bit for work.  She's gone almost two weeks every month, and I have to make periodic visits to four posts in the region covered by my office.  Despite all that, we've managed to make a couple of trips inside Thailand (a long weekend in Hua Hin) and a pre-Christmas vacation to Phuket.  It turns out that Hua Hin was skippable, but it let us practice our driving as we did it road-trip style.  And, after many vacations to Phuket, that was likely our last.  Too many other places in Thailand we've never seen.

Most recently, we scratched a major item off our bucket list: the Maldives.  Over-water villa at Centara Grand, with easily the best snorkeling we've had.  The bros loved the beach and the swimming pool, and collectively we managed to see spinner dolphins and even a hawksbill sea turtle.  It was definitely among our top vacations.  Ever.

Our all-inclusive package even included 30-minute spa treatments every day for both D-What and me.  For the first time, after many years of spa treatments in many different places around the world, I had a male masseur.  And I'm a little embarrassed to say that it felt wrong.  His were not the smooth, slender fingers of a female masseuse that I automatically associate with a massage.  His were rough, thick fingers that - while skillful - just did not feel right.  I was actually a little bit uncomfortable.

So yeah.  I guess I don't like another dude's hands on me.

Anyway, for those of you in Minnesota: clear your late July / early August calendars -- we're coming!

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