Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two Weeks in Bangkok

This evening (well, close to midnight) will mark two weeks since we landed in Bangkok.

Still living out of our suitcases, and will be for another month or so according to the people in the shipping section.  And that will just be the stuff going by air.  Our HHE (household effects) are traveling by boat (though they were supposed to go by air out of Ethiopia) and will take even longer to arrive.  Sounds like we'll get that stuff in November.

Not a whole lot to write about; D-What has already dived into her Regional Environment Officer role, and my (interim) clearance came through so I'll be starting on Monday.  Had kind of hoped to have a little more time to explore the neighborhood and greater Bangkok before starting work, but so it goes.

Ro-Ro and Tho-Tho have started school already, and seem to be having no problems adjusting.

Supplemental furniture was just delivered while I was drafting this, so now we can actually put our clothes away into dressers!  And I'm off to do just that.


ShoNuff said...

Glad you made it and things are going relatively smoothly:)

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