Thursday, April 03, 2014

Short Timers

I'm getting excited.  Look at that number on the right.  We're into double digits now, and it gets smaller every day.

About two and a half months to go.  We've got to sell our car, among other things (and buy a right-hand drive car when we get to Thailand).

We'll have to sort through everything to decide what will be sent to storage and what will go to Thailand: our apartment in Bangkok (not yet assigned) is sure to be a significant downsize from our current house in Addis.

Not terribly excited to pack up again so soon (didn't we just do this 20-some months ago?) but it's always exciting to move on to a new assignment.  Just hoping that the next one will be more engaging.  Can't imagine it won't be -- it's Thailand, after all.

Of course, I was optimistic -- excited, even -- for our Beijing assignment, and we all know how that went.

For those of you who are in Minnesota, we plan to be there for most of the month of July.  No need for so much shopping (I'm looking at you, consumables) so our schedule should be more open compared to last time.


ShoNuff said...

Hopefully we can see you when you're around.

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